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About Programme

The curriculum of IPHSS programme is designed for foreign students as well as for more ambitious Polish students who are willing to face a greater challenge in the course of their studies. We hope that it will give them the possibility of exchanging ideas and experience.
       The scope of the programme has been limited to the most significant issues in the humanities of the 20th century (philosophy, anthropology, history, literary theories, history of art, psychology). Some of the courses are of more general character ( e.g. philosophy) and some are related to Poland (e.g. history).
      The main emphasis is put on modern and interdisciplinary character of 20th century cultural phenomena. This approach allows students to see the most basic and disputable aspects of the human studies from a global perspective.
The number of credits obtained after each course is fairly high due to their relatively condensed contents which require more work and effort on the part of the students. It is hoped that the curriculum will provide the students with invaluable insights and with a new way of looking at the development of the humanities in the last century. We believe that the enclosed programme will meet the requirements of modern education in uniting Europe.

      The courses are one-year-long complementary programmes, they don't constitute complete MA or BA curricula.

       NOTE: with reference to courses divided in 2 parts (p. I and p. II) we would like to emphasize that completing the autumn semester (part I) of the course is not necessary to attend the second part of the course. Spring semester courses are available for students coming only for the second semester; their contents are different from the autumn semester ones. The first lecture in the semester is an introductory or summarizing one.