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Artes 2019

Artes 2019

Call for papers: Artes 2019

Students’ Council of MISH (Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities) has the pleasure to announce one more call for contributions to ‘Artes’. For the very first time the journal will appear in its brand new form; as of the upcoming 2019 edition we will be publishing works submitted by the researchers also from outside the faculty! The students of MISH are thereby hoping to give voice to anyone who would like to share their intersts in humanities and social sciences. The editorial board will be happy to receive the papers via the following e-mail address: Deadline for submissions is the 31st of January 2019.

‘Artes. The Journal of MISH Students’ is an interdiciplinary periodical created by the students of the Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities (Jagiellonian University in Kraków), which publishes works in the field of humanities and social sciences. It is released semiannually.


Nabór artykułów marzec 2021

Zapraszamy do nadsyłania tekstów, które ukażą się w numerze za 2021 r. Szczegółowe wymagania i warunki zawarte są w Regulaminie oraz informacji dla Autorów oraz w Call for Papers. Na zgłoszenia czekamy do 20 marca 2021 r.
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Redaktor Naczelny

dr Marcin Jarząbek

Redakcja czasopisma

Julia Dudzińska, Maciej Kolasa, Angelika Kowalska, Gabriela Legutko, Adriana Mickiewicz, Maria Świątkowska